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2019 Vielles Vignes des Blanderies

Mark Angeli

2019 Vielles Vignes des Blanderies

Label: Mark Angeli
Winemaker: Mark Angeli

Vintage: 2019

Fruit: Chenin Blanc

Region: Anjou, Loire, France


poached apples / a sweet escape / eyes on the prize

Slightly higher on the slope of the La Montagne hill, you will find the old vines of the Ferme de la Sansonnière, planted just after World War II (1949) with older massal selections of chenin. There are two main soils there. One, extremely rare for the region is a vein of sedimentary phtanite, mostly composed of silica, giving amazing passerillage with extreme low pH. The other part is part of the most common St George series of superficial schists.

organic / biodynamic


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