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Toronto Wine Bar J. Brix, 2019 Stay in Bed Red, C-United States, cheese, fruity, funky, G-carignan, G-merlot, G-syrah, game, green, organic, R-california, R-santa ynez valley, spicy, sustainable - Paradise Grapevine

J. Brix

2019 Stay in Bed Red

Producer: J. Brix

Vintage: 2019

Grape(s): Merlot, Carignan, Syrah 

Region: Santa Ynez Valley, California

ABV: 13.8%

bush and bramble tango / love-a-lot Care Bear / for pizzas and for snuggles or anything else you do in bed, we don’t judge

organic / biodynamic
unfined / unfiltered 
natively fermented 

Winemakers Emily & Jody Brix say: "While we focus on single-varietal bottlings with the J. Brix label, we also conjure up a red blend each year with varieties we think will play extra deliciously together. The resulting wine is Stay-in-Bed Red®. Always a different composition, and always juicy and delicious, Stay in-Bed Red® is meant to represent – and bring – sheer pleasure."

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