2019 Orange Wine Rosé

Paradise Grapevine

2019 Orange Wine Rosé

WTF is Orange Wine Rosé you ask? Did we just make that style up? Have we completely lost our minds, our dignity and every ounce of integrity? The answer is 'WE DO WHAT WE WANT OKAY!'- and if we want to ferment Gewürztraminer on its skins for 2 weeks, then blend it with barrel aged Riesling and Gamay, we will do so!

We LOVE this wine! The Gewürz gives it a honeyed, rose water florality, the Riesling a refreshing crisp acidity and the Gamay fleshes the whole thing out with tons of red berry and pink tropical fruit. This wine is Turkish delight, candied orange peel, watermelon juice and freshly cut grapefruit all in a single glass!

40% Gewürztraminer / 40% Riesling / 20% Gamay

$29.99 - 4 Bottle limit per person. 119 cases produced.