2019 Paradise Cabernet Franc 6-Pack

Paradise Grapevine

2019 Paradise Cabernet Franc 6-Pack

Niagara Cabernet Franc! Is there a red grape better suited to the Niagara soil and climate? The answer is still up for debate, but C Franc is a major contender! When we made this wine in 2019 we were all pink lungs, high hopes and crawling innocence. We were caterpillars devouring spring lichen and licking sap from sallow trees in early sun, tasting it all before molting into our silken spun husks. It is 2021 now and we have emerged, not as the pipevine swallowtail or sapho longwing as our fluttering ambitions would have allowed us, but as different, hungrier caterpillars. As the only wine we've aged thus far, to us this cabernet franc is a liquid moment of Ontario just over one year ago. Although there are older bottles in the shop, different years stopped by other corks, this one is an emblem of our first romp with winemaking. Bright and lively, it is characterized by succulent violet fruit, subtle emerald stalks, and a long flowing velvet robe. With time, it will only gain more and more poetic wisdom.

50% whole cluster natural ferment, aged in neutral French oak for 12 months, unfined, unfiltered. 

$33.95 - 6 Bottle Limit! 100 cases produced.

Please note, all orders come with chips!