2019 O.W.

Paradise Grapevine

2019 O.W.

O.W. is made up of one part oak aged Riesling, two parts stainless steel aged Riesling and 1 part barrel aged Gewürztraminer. Now, remember all our oak barrels are at least 8 years old (thanks Pearl Morissette!), we use wood for oxidative aging, not oak-y flavs. Texture is a serious focus for us and barrel aging on fine lees gives this wine the slightest creaminess and firmness in the body. It has compelling aromatics of ginger and rosewater, is textually soft yet powerful, and finishes like apricots and wildflower honey. Like all of our '19s this wine is indestructible and loves air. Drink it in an hour or over the course of a month, the dynamic response to oxygen is enchanting and wondrous. This wine is alive, it grows, it breathes and it changes.

75% Riesling / 25% Gewürztraminer - 99 cases produced $29.99 - 3 Bottle limit per person.

Available online or at Paradise Grapevine until it's gone.