2019 La Korse

Koerner Wine

2019 La Korse

Producer: Koerner Wine

Vintage: 2019

Grape Variety: 35% Sangiovese, 34% Grenache, 17% Malbec, 9% Sciacarello, 5% Carignan

Region: Clare Valley, Australia

ABV: 12.2%

tomato leaf / hoisin sauce / getting the old band together

But of course, La Korse! This is a big ass blend of some grapes you often see together and some grapes you never see together. It's kinda like a high school reunion trip to Australia. Your friend malbec makes a joke that would never usually fly but there you are, giggling away thinking, wow how did we manage to stay friends through all of these years that changed us? You, reader, are sangiovese, the biggest part of this blend. You're the glue, the apex, the one to suggest the event that makes the night unforgettable! And your friends thank you for making this trip bearable. This herbaceous red tends to make all challenging dynamics just a little bit easier.

Please note, all orders come with a bag of chips!