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2019 Kizil Üzüm


2019 Kizil Üzüm

Label: Gelveri
Winemakers: Udo Hirsch & Hacer Özkaya

Vintage: 2019

Fruit: Kizil Üzüm

Region: Central Anatolia, Turkey

ABV: 14.5%

endocrine tide / honey spiced orange / my barn my rules

zero zero 

100 percent Kizil Üzüm, a rare white variety that translates to “red grape” as it has a rusty/reddish hue to its skin. Found in only 3 local vine-gardens, including one Udo tends, every wine under their red label (displaying the Hittite sun goddess Arinna) represents the tiny production from some of the last known vineyards of these ancient grapes. 150 bottles per year on average from these low yielding vines. 6-8 months in fermenting küps, and up to an additional 12 months aging in their basement küp cellar, this is decidedly an amber wine. Sweet and red fruited on the nose, it has all the herbal hallmarks of long macerated wines in amphora. Texturally rich with a long pull of grippy tannins, The fruit is like overripe apples and has a honeyed quality to it. Giving the sense of a touch of residual sugar, everything is dried out quickly on the palate by the long tannins on the finish. Probably the one cuvée here that is queued up for a long and prosperous future.

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