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2019 Cartoixa Mari


2019 Cartoixa Mari

Producer: Sicus

Vintage: 2019

Grape(s): Xarel-lo Vermell

Region: Penedès, Spain

ABV: 10%

spicy scheming / pink lotus / liquid synopsis

organic / biodynamic

Eduard Pié Palomar is a trained oenologist, viticulturist and sommelier whose winemaking techniques are pretty radical -- but he doesn’t like radical wines, ones that taste like experiments.  So, you won’t find any oxidation, funk, murk or other general weirdness in his wines – he’s adamant about that.  Despite the fact that he works exclusively with anfora and ferments his wines IN THE VINEYARD ITSELF, in terra cotta vessels. Some amphorae are sunk in the ground between vineyard rows, where they spend the winter sealed, under rain, snow and grazing sheep. Because he wants the grapes to ferment only with wild yeasts from the vineyard, not those in the winery.  This way, he says, "the wines breathe in the same soils in which they were grown, with the same vibrations."  Now in the 11th vintage of his own label, Eduard is well-known in the natty wine circles of Spain, where most of his 1,250-case (6-packs not 12) production (total over 8 different wines!) is sold in the chic restaurants of Barcelona, with very little finding its way to the US.

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