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2019 BatBerri


2019 BatBerri

Producer: Itsamendi

Vintage: 2019

Grape(s): Hondarrabi Zuri

Region: Txakoli, Spain


new shoe energy / yellow yarrow roadside / chamomile and orange blossoms

This is the first skin contact-(orange)Txakoli on the market, and only the second vintage of the wine. Bat Berri, means “new one” in the Basque language.

Itsamendi, Mario! Like from the N64 game remember?

Wow, this wine is very cool and unique. It's the first orange Txakoli on the market and made with carbonic maceration. Apricot, grapefruit skin, balsamic and even nettle plant; but also creamy, nutty, a lil' cotton candy- but in a pleasant satisfying way. I love this! What can I say, I'm a Basque freaque.

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