2018 Tre Vigne Barbera D'Asti


2018 Tre Vigne Barbera D'Asti

Producer: Vietti

Grape: Barbera

Region: Asti, Piedmont

Vintage: 2018

ABV: 14.5%

This ruby silk robe of a wine from renowned producer Vietti is made for gourmet pizza! This isn't a dominoes wine (but we definitely have those kicking around the shop too) but a wine built for pizza made by your clever friend, and ex-chef turned social worker, who owns and adores their pizza stone. He made the dough using his own 8 year old sourdough starter. It's not overly dressed up though and neither are you! It's just you and an old friend eating pizza standing over the counter, the way you might have in college but it's all a little nicer now. You've grown up but you're still you, just a slightly more polished version. May we suggest extra pepperoni?

Please note, all orders come with a bag of chips!