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2018 Poema


2018 Poema

Producer: Bongiraud

Vintage: 2018

Grape(s): Riesling 

Region: Rogljevo, Serbia


memories from the night before / thrilling on the ocean / complex nut mix 

organic / biodynamic

Ripe, fresh and layered, resonating with flavours of baked apple, peach stone, pastry and complex, nutty notes underpinned by salty minerality and some gentle grip. It's a delicious and thrillingly unique wine that, to borrow a phrase from Bon Appétit's Alex Delany, lives in its own damn house.

Located at the heart of Europe near the Danube, on the northern limit of the ancient Roman Empire, sit 3 Serbian villages – Rogljevo, Smedovac, Rajac – that unbeknownst to most have been producing wine of great character for over 2000 years. Wines here come from ripe fruit but are underpinned by a beautiful salinity and real freshness that caught the eye of Estelle and Cyrille Bongiraud – two wine producing Burgundians – who, in 2008, moved in and set about helping revive this ancient terroir.

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