2018 La Petite Roche

Damien Laureau

2018 La Petite Roche

Producer: Damien Laureau

Vintage: 2018

Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc

Region: Savennières, France

ABV: 13%

chamomile blossoms / romantic tension / wonderland drop zone

When I met Damien Laureau I told him I was the president of chenin blanc. For a few moments, while he was still taking me seriously, he was so impressed! It’s something I don’t get to witness very often. He probably thought to himself, DL why do you live in Loire Valley when there is a whole government devoted to chenin blanc here? I saw all of the changes he could make flicker across the wet glass of his jolly eyeballs. But finally, after a considerable pause, he laughed and those dreams of a better chenin world left on a magic carpet of jaunty exhales. This wine is like a night that never ends. The feeling of having everything you need. Remembering when you lay down that you can imagine anything you like beneath your two closed lids.

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