2018 Ker Ma Muscadet

Complémen Terre

2018 Ker Ma Muscadet

Producer: Complemen' Terre 

Vintage: 2018

Grape Varieties: Melon de Bourgogne 

Region: Pays Nantais, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Loire Valley, France

ABV: 12.5%

banana marshmallows / yellow sour patch kids / sweet hay

If your typical muscadet is all straight lines and fresh squeezed lemon this muscadet is more meandering sways and lemon cream.  Made on the west coast of Loire Valley there is a bit of sea saltiness from the proximity to the ocean. Sweet couple duo winemakers Marion Pescheux and Manuel Landron are v concerned with making wine in the most natural and organic means possible. This is a lurvely easy little wine!

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