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2018 Chardonnay Les Trouillots

Domaine Morel

2018 Chardonnay Les Trouillots

Label: Domaine Morel

Vintage: 2018

Fruit: Chardonnay

Region: Jura, France

ABV: 12.5%

honey roasted nuts / divine light / cryptic crosswords in bed

organic / biodynamic

This chardo from the magical Jura land is complex. It's perplexing. One of my personal very favourite styles of wine to drink so believe me when I say it is truly delightful. Valentin Morel took over his family's estate in 2013 turning to organic and biodynamic practice in the vineyards, and natural production in cellar. Since then the wines have become a bit more wild, expressive and aromatic truly leaping out of the glass. Unfiltered and a bit ~funky~ this chardonnay feels like the end of The Fifth Element when Leeloo puts the final stone in and the world is saved and they hug passionately in a recovery chamber. You know? 

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