2018 Cataratto

Vini Barraco

2018 Cataratto

Producer: Barraco
Vintage: 2018
Grape: Cataratto
Region: Marsala, Sicily

del monte fruit cup / community saltwater pool / welch’s white peach juice

My wine app says I had this almost three years ago. I was learning about wine from one of the wisest women in wine then, who I still fear and admire to this day. I wonder if she would like these irreverent descriptions… Although we don’t see too much of the catarrato grape in our market, it is the widest planted white grape in Sicily. What an exciting alternative for so many different types of wine drinkers. This could please both a chardo and sauvvy b lover equally. It really has good “general white wine flavour” with a bit more salinity and assertiveness. If you’re scared to wander too far from a favourite, this is close to a lot of homes.

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