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2018 Artiface Listan Blanco

Borja Perez

2018 Artiface Listan Blanco

Producer: Borja Perez

Vintage: 2018

Grape(s): Listan Blanco

Region: Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


sunbathing citrus / sitting fireside / gunslinger yells "draw!"

organic / biodynamic

100% Listán Blanco from old vines. The volcanic soils lends a fine mineral aspect to this refreshing white wine, which takes on a unique Atlantic intensity, marrying power and extract with dazzling acidity and waves of sea spray across the palate. Dried lemons, nuts, and sea salt.

“Striking and intensely memorable expressions of the terroir and indigenous grapes of Tenerife. These wines are smoky, mineral, and salty - seemingly capable of transporting the taster to the volcanic island from which they come. For me, these are some of the most exciting wines from the Canary Islands, and among the best examples of what winemakers there are capable of.” --Ben Fletcher, Chamber St Wines

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