2018 Arena Chenin

Domaine Mosse

2018 Arena Chenin

Producer: Domaine Mosse

Vintage: 2018

Variety: Chenin Blanc

Region: Savennieres, Loire Valley, France

eighth world wonder / intricate quilt work / marzipan freak show

I drank this recently when I tried to impress a group of friends. They are good friends and so they validated me, at least feigned excitement which to me, at times, is almost equal to genuine excitement. I told them this is a really good wine and I was not lying. This is a very very good wine. The conversation turned away from wine quickly and went deeply political so I needed a lot of this stunning chenin to stay afloat. Unfortunately I was not made any smarter like I hoped but the intensity of the moment was certainly smoothed. Perhaps it will soothe your own experiences too.

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