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2017 Verdejo - Paradise Grapevine

Barco del Corneta

2017 Verdejo

Producer: Barco del Corneta

Vintage: 2017

Grape Varietal: Verdejo

Region: Castilla y León, Spain

ABV: 14%

spring buckwheat honey / lemon curd / sustained eye contact

The namesake wine of Beatrix Herranz! Beatrix is a young darling working in Rueda, Spain. Rueda tends to make simple-ish sauvignon blanc-ish wines but in the thoughtful hands of Herranz the grapes unravel into something much more complex and special. Is verdejo the chardonnay of Spain? Does it make sense to compare all wines to styles and grapes from France? Does the problem of eurocentrism enter the wine world in this way? Yes and no, I don’t know. I struggle with this question but to make things simple, this might be the chardonnay of Spain, with a bit more of a brazen edge. This is a really beautiful wine and if it was french it would be twice the price!

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