2017 Love and Pif Aligoté

Yann Durieux

2017 Love and Pif Aligoté

Producer: Yann Durieux

Vintage: 2017

Varieties: Aligoté

Region: Vin de France, Burgundy, France

ABV: 11%

dazed and confused the feeling / pantone colour chart / civil twilight

Aligote is the “other grape of Burgundy” and though it’s a bit more trendy now, it has a long history of being overlooked. One night we had an aligote party and after more than a few bottles I read a semi sexual poem about aligote to our group, that I, of course, had written only minutes before performing. Every sale of aligote comes with an e-copy of very very bad poem upon request. Love and Pif is a seriously unique wine with a dizzying amount going on. It is a sudoku puzzle in the form of wine. It’s herbaceous, grapefruity, slightly lactic, a bit nutty, has that gooseberry crunch, some salinity and AND it’s garnished with flowers. From extended contact with the grape skins it has a green tea like grip to it as well. Oh and a glittery sparkle. What, a, wine.

Comes with a bag of chips!