2016 Perill Negre Carinyena

Clos Lentiscus

2016 Perill Negre Carinyena

Producer: Clos Lentiscus 

Vintage: 2016

Grape Variety: Carinyena (Carignan)

Region: Bairrada, Portugal

ABV: 12%

chill ranch / cheery cherry / swan tears

Weeeee! This wine is so fun it feels illegal! Like riding a motorcycle through the countryside without a helmet in states that allow it. Can you believe they let people even ride motorcycles at all? Let alone without helmets sometimes? This carinyena from truly wild and often unruly brothers Manuel and Joan is so very light that it is a perfect candidate for a chilling down to fridge temp and drinking dockside / porchside / patioside / balconyside / grass adjacent. It's fruity and funky, but not off putting in its funk. It hits it out of the park imho. 

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