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2016 Perill Negre Carinyena - Paradise Grapevine

Clos Lentiscus

2016 Perill Negre

Producer: Clos Lentiscus 

Vintage: 2016

Grape Varietal: Carinyena (Carignan)

Region: Penedes, Spain

ABV: 12%

dream I had about giant floppy poppies / chill ranch dorito / cherries withdraw to another room, tell each other secrets

My new friend Max would like this wine because it's so fun and naughty that it feels illegal! It's like taking a sleek motorcycle out on a vernal country road, pollen breeze rushing past your vulnerable skull. Not worrying, not knowing how to worry. Can you believe they let people ride motorcycles at all? Let alone without helmets in certain states? This carinyena is made by two truly unruly brothers, Manuel and Joan, and is so very diaphanous that it is the perfect chill candidate! Put it in your fridge next to your cold cut carrots and three old olives! Made just outside of Barcelona in Penedes, it's born in a place where you may find yourself one day in the future, or one day in the past, muttering catalunan gibberish just looking for a cool red to fuel the moon. Just something that smells like a magical marker and looks like an eager bruise. Hey look up! It's right here in front of you! Give your dictionary away, we don't need anymore words.

Appropriately consumed porchside / patioside / parkside / balconyside / fridgeside / mushroomside / grassside / zoomside / sleepside. 

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