2016 Las Envidias Palomino

Barco del Corneta

2016 Las Envidias Palomino

Producer: Barco del Corneta
Vintage: 2016
Grape: Palomino
Region: Cantarranas, Spain

pony salt lick / gemini energy / bon appetit walnut gremolata

An intensely nutty and remarkably textured elixir from the grape that usually brings you sherry. Palomino is the most beautiful colour of horse imho (although dapple gray strong second) and the grapes and the ponies are similar in these ways: They are both golden straw in colour and majestic in experience. They both could presumably get away from you quickly. They both might make you think you should return to nature, own a farm, grow your own things for a change! These grapes grow on vines almost a century old which offer astounding complexity and ~wisdom~. 

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