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Toronto Wine Bar Cascina Degli Ulivi, 2016 Filagnotti, biodynamic, C-italy, elegant, G-cortese, organic, R-piedmont, special - Paradise Grapevine

Cascina Degli Ulivi

2016 Filagnotti

Producer: Cascina Degli Ulivi / Stefano Bellotti

Vintage: 2016

Grape(s): Cortese

Region: Piedmont, Italy

ABV: 13.5%

peach cream / dreaming in daisies / wild spirit / symbiotic naturalism

organic / biodynamic
unfined / unfiltered
naturally fermented
aged in acacia foudres

“It has a unique personality, totally recognizable and straightforward. A very determined wine, that walks ahead like someone who knows where [they're] going; it develops its complexity all along a same common thread. It has an almost metallic minerality that makes me think of the rock band from the 70’s, “Iron Butterfly”. -Stefano Bellotti

"A true believer in his terroirs, for many years Stefano fought to keep his wines within the Gavi DOCG. The first victim to the bureaucracy of the appellation was the "Filagnotti", a single vineyard bottling from the estate's best grapes planted on red clay and limestone. in 2008, Stefano had decided to plant fruit trees amongst the vines. This was decreed as violating protocol: because there were now fruit trees amongst the vines, it could not officially be considered a vineyard by law! Undeterred by this reality or that he would be denied subsidies for this land by the EU, Stefano stuck to his convictions and declassified "Filagnotti" as a Vino di Tavola." -Bowler Wine

"The agricultural product is a flower that blossoms from the encounter of love between the creativity of nature and that of man." -Stefano Bellotti