2016 Entre Deux - Cotes du Jura

Peggy et Jean Pascal Buronfosse

2016 Entre Deux - Cotes du Jura

Producer: Peggy et Jean Pascal Buronfosse
Vintage: 2016
Grape: Savagnin
Region: Jura, France

edible gold / royal jelly / psychic glances

This is one of those bottles that remind me how special wine really can be. The Entre-Deux is a poem about wine. It is a perfume about me. Peggy and Jean Pascal Buronfosse work with some of the best vines in the Jura. Their estate sits right next to the natural wine cult producer Jean-Francoise Ganevat but the Buronfosse's are not just blessed with old vines and great soil, they are also meticulous in their cellar practice. The Entre-Deux has remarkable tension and energy! The acid here is soaring high in a powerful private jet that has an all white interior with a chess board set up beside the chic saltwater jacuzzi. Sleek, smart and powerful! This is a personal favourite of mine and if you find all ten of MY picks across the website you can email us for 10% off!!!!! 

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