2015 LBL Vieilles Vignes Sauvignon Blanc

Noëlla Morantin

2015 LBL Vieilles Vignes Sauvignon Blanc

Producer: Noella Morantin

Vintage: 2015

Grape Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Loire Valley, France

ABV: 13.5% 

hillary power / the fever pitch / feeling like everyday is the weekend 

I had this with someone I loved very deeply who refused to be impressed by wine. I tried tirelessly to figure out his tastes, to turn his view around, and the closest I usually came to a "win" was for him to admit something was palatable. This was one of three wines over the course of a year that he liked and if that doesn't sell you on it well I guess I can say that I too love this wine and if you, reader, brought it to me I would prance about in total glee. It would produce a song in me. Old vines in Loire produce this punchy wine brimming with power, tension and architectural structure. Some ripe tropical notes you might expect from sauvvy b but with retains composure, doesn't go all over the place with it's ripeness. Does that sound like nonsense? Anyway, this is exactly what I want in white wine.  

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