2014 RHV Chardonnay

Forlorn Hope

2014 RHV Chardonnay

Producer: Forlorn Hope
Vintage: 2014
Grape: Chardonnay
Region: Calaberas County, California

emerald grasslands butter / saying yellow instead of hello / gold leaf art 

Head winemaker Matthew Rorick is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! He’s one of those bright beams of light that seem to be the crux of every great story. If you visit the Forlorn Hope instagram you will find many photos of Matthew exuding pure charming fun. Sometimes I look at it to remember how joyful wine can be! One day I will make an elaborate powerpoint presentation on Forlorn Hope because really there is so much to say, but for now know this: if you’ve been hurt by chardonnay before this one is here to mend your heart. It leans more towards fresh and textural than huge, rich, and creamy. Think apple skins and bright tropical fruit. It has a light funk that is like when you’ve been playing in the park with your lover and their deodorant scent is starting to mix with their body scent and it’s just so pleasant because everything they do makes you love them more and your heart swells and you wonder, you seriously wonder, if you have overactive tear glands.

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