2012 Sève en Barmount

Olivier Horiot

2012 Sève en Barmount

peach silk / the taste of splendid / hard earned winning

Vintage champagne who are we? Who do we think we are? Are we having an identity crisis? No! We just love the best champagne to the point where it's burning a hole in our pocket and our thigh is on fire from the hole burning and our parents are asking us why we need money for groceries again and what we're saying is that we need you to enable our habit. We need you to make our fine champagne habit relative. Currently this is one of our very finest offerings. Most houses in Champagne will blend multiple vintages to make a pretty consistent bottle over the years. However, if the winemaker believes it to be an extra special year sometimes they will bottle a specific vintage. 2012 was a great year in Champagne. Things felt simple and optimistic in 2012 -- didn't they? Sure there were problems but it wasn't even ten years ago and still feels like a much more romantic time -- doesn't it? Maybe this is problematic thinking but anyway experts in Champagne will tell you that 2012 was an exceptional year! And not only that but it was specifically good for pinot noir. This is super aromatic and expressive blanc de noir, the best style imho.  Anyway this is getting to be the longest description on this online shoppe so I should go but I have experienced first hand that the only way into many hearts is by way of vintage champagne and this is what I would choose to drink if I could only choose one bottle. Okay goodnight!