2009 Xarel-lo


2009 Xarel-lo

Producer: Pardas
Vintage 2009
Grape Xarel-lo
Region: Penedés

fields of fennel / cashmere sweatpants / shopping at the trophy store

Listen to me. This is a pretty special eleven year old vino. It is confusingly fresh and energetic. It’s like watching your grandmother do a cartwheel and then pop up, arms akimbo, proudly grinning at you.  Rich lemon, salinity, fennely herbs and a soft wide palate will have you grinning and cartwheeling too. Xarel-lo (‘cha-rell-oh’) can often be quiet but this one is chatty. Working about two hours outside of Barcelona, head winemaker Ramon Parerra is a wizard in the vineyard and a master in the cellar. IMHO he has never made a disappointing wine! 

Please note, all wine orders come with a bag of chips!