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2021 Fanucchi-Wood Vineyard Trousseau Gris


2021 Fanucchi-Wood Vineyard Trousseau Gris

Label: Pax
Winemakers: Pax & Pamela Mahle

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Trousseau Gris (Grey Riesling)

Region: Sonoma, California

ABV: 12.5%

creamy blush / delicate brawn / sprinting naked in a meadow 

A healthy crop gave us lots of perfectly ripened Trousseau Gris which we picked over 4 weeks and 3 picks. Always joyous and gorgeous, this 2021 is no exception. Delicate and light, this delicious alpine-styled white wine has mouth-watering acidity and delicate stone fruit flavors. Lip-smacking and crushable you will want this in your glass while eating oysters overlooking the ocean or snacking on potato chips gazing into your television, and every other opportunity in between that calls for a smile.

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