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2020 Cabernet Franc
2020 Cabernet Franc
2020 Cabernet Franc
2020 Cabernet Franc
2020 Cabernet Franc

Paradise Grapevine

2020 Cabernet Franc

Label: Paradise Grapevine

Vintage: 2020

Fruit: Cabernet France

Region: Niagara, Ontario

ABV: 13.5%

autumn landscape / goji berry sunset / standing naked in the moonlight

We’ve been saving this release for a special occasion, and what better a time than the annual defrosting of Mariah Carey?! Our 2020 Cabernet Franc is a luscious jewel that we are especially proud of. It weighs in on the heavier side for us, a medium-full body with a deep extraction that warms the soul in these cooler months. This wine slumbered in our less-than-completely-neutral French oak barrels for 18-months giving it a rich complexity worthy of the perfect fruit that bore it - Cabernet Franc farmed by non-other than Pearl Morissette from the Knizat Vineyard of Niagara-On-The-Lake. The grapes were dark and sweet with thick skins abundant in flavours, as such we macerated the juice with the skins for a full two weeks punching-down at dusk and dawn to infuse the beautiful pigments, tannins and flavournoids before a gentle press that produced a dark purple exilir. 
Think rich blueberry puree, velvety dark chocolate, desiccated coconut and green leaf tobacco. After an 18-month elevage and a 6-month rest in bottle this wine is brimming with intricate flavours and has a long and ever changing finish. We love how the wine evolves over time, don't be afraid to enjoy the bottle over the course of many days. Drink now or cellar for up to 7 years. 
A side note on Cabernet Franc in Ontario. This grape thrives in our environment. Its thick skins protect it against the harsh humidity, its loose clusters permeate airflow around the grapes allowing it to hang on the vine longer than its peers. We are invested in Cabernet Franc as a variety that should be promoted as a regional specialty in Ontario, and you will see more examples on all ends of the spectrum from us in the future.  

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