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2021 Cecilia

Gut Oggau

2021 Cecilia

Label: Gut Oggau
Winemakers: Eduard & Stephanie Tscheppe

Vintage: 2021

Fruit: Gemischter Satz

Region: Burgenland, Austria

ABV: 12%

quirky strawberry / toe tapping to the beat / dream inspiring 

organic / biodynamic
no added sulphur

Meet Cecilia, the new family member! You see her, you taste her, you feel her, she inspires you. She doesn’t care about conventions , and won’t be put in a box. She shows you that it’s good to be a little bit different. Mixed in white and red, rooted on limestone she shines bright, and proves there’s much more beyond the defined categories. A lover of horses, her soil releases distinct character; and we know this is only the start of a beautiful journey we’ll share together. A journey into being one’s true self, without any pretention. Together with Cecilia, we care less about trying to impress, and only about remaining independent.

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