Splash Pet-Nat

Chateau Barouillet

Splash Pet-Nat

Producer: Chateau Barouillet

Vintage: 2019

Grape Varieties: Semillon

Region: Bergerac, France

ABV: 12%

chudleigh's apple blossom / wonderbread / cannonball bubbles

You've begged us and begged us. Clawed at the bottom of our skirts, pounded your fists on the floor, thrown tantrums like children and we have heard you. We have so many gd boxes of pet-nat in this building I can barely move to my salad calling me from the back. But I do. I climb the pet-nat mountains to eat now. I make it work. For you. This is semillon, a waxy white grape from southern France and you know, around other places too. This is cloudy and dry and yellow-appley and the bubbles you could compare to a coarse bubble like perrier regular. May I please also suggest perrier petit bubbles? It is a more refined bubble. Anyway, this might just make your day. We have a feeling you will like it. 

Please note, all orders come with chips!