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Home Alone 3(75mL)-Pack
Home Alone 3(75mL)-Pack

Mixed Pack

Home Alone 3(75mL)-Pack

I am OBSESSED with these little half bottles. They are perfect for me, so they must be perfect for you too! Or someone special you know!

Here is my list of reasons why they are perfect: 
1. One of these is a perfect two drinks to loosen up before a first date: Champagne before a date is a boss move and you will be at the top of your confidence. 
2. Date went well? You have one more to open when you get back. My friend has a rule to always have Champagne in your fridge in case of a surprisingly good night (genius move imo) and do you want to risk accidentally leaving out a whole bottle? Two glasses is the perfect amount !! 
3. You deserve to treat yourself at dinner too. An elegant Burgundian Pinot with a beautiful meal you just cooked? You can share or drink the whole bottle yourself! Or after dinner while watching the new season of Reacher? (am I the only one?)
4. Did I mention these were Champagne and Burgundy?? Some of the best wine regions in the world !! 

These perfect stocking stuffers also come with a bag of truffle chips that are also fancy and also fit very nicely in a stocking !!