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2020 Elbling


2020 Elbling

Producer: Stein

Vintage: 2020

Grape(s): Elbling

Region: Mosel, Germany 


stumbling upon ancient rock ruins / poire williams / blossoms in the sky / snappy ginger

Ewald Elbling, a " rare parcel of this ancient variety; the only ungrafted Elbling vineyard we are aware of. In the Riesling-dominated middle Mosel, the vineyard was ignored and Ewald was selling the juice bulk, for pennies on the dollar. The vineyard was supported, was tended and loved, because Ewald kept it going – but this was and is not sustainable.

By connecting Stein to this vineyard, by guaranteeing him a market for the wine, we have helped to give this vineyard a sustainable future. Ewald’s Elbling will be preserved for future generations.”-Vom Boden

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