2018 El Dorado Gamay Noir


2018 El Dorado Gamay Noir

Producer: Arnot-Roberts

Vintage: 2016

Grape Variety: Gamay

Region: Napa, California

ABV: 13%

I. Love. New. California. 

This wine is so generous and delicate at the same time. It keeps giving! It brings you gifts for no reason. It can't stop saying thank you to the host. It remembers all the small things you mentioned last time you spoke. It thinks you're funny. Really funny! Arnot-Roberts are the winemakers that made me see how special California wines can be when the vines are treated with utmost respect and there is minimal but precise work in the cellar. This ethereal gamay has so much on offer - think cranberry, roses, and sage braiding around each other into a beautiful fishtail plait. A truly happy wine! 

Please note, all orders come with chips!