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2018 Champs Rouges

Domaine Labet

2018 Champs Rouges

Label: Domaine Labet
Winemaker: Julien Labet

Vintage: 2018

Fruit: Chardonnay

Region: Rotalier, Jura, France


there's some high beams mixing with your favourite song driving tonight

organic / biodynamic
ouillé method

Called Champs Rouges because it comes from a 1.3-hectare parcel of red clay atop a bedrock of Bajocian limestone. Only indigenous yeasts used for fermentation, and it then undergoes 12 months of aging on its lees in 3- to 4-year old oak barrels (and topped up). Ripe apple and exotic curry spice aromas, and on the palate a creamy lemony flavor is balanced out by an almost crunchy minerality. One of Labet’s finest topped-up wines.

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