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Chanter la Pomme

Revel Cider

Chanter la Pomme

Producer: Revel Cider

Style: Chanter la Pomme is a blend of cider with red & blue plums, Muscat and Seyval Blanc aged on Wickson crabapples.

Region: Guelph, Ontario

Size: 750mL

ABV: 9.4%

plum stone / dreamy watermelon / violet silk

After spending a full day blending with our Quebecois friends, we hit on the perfect combination of dreamy watermelon, subdued acid and plum-stone texture.

What's it like?: Chanter la Pomme has big watermelon aromas with a hint of violets too. The body of the Seyval bolsters the sweet aromatics, while silky plum stones and astringent crabapple tannins bring it back to earth.

Bringing new palettes into our space always opens new doors for us. With Cidres Intrus, our goal was to flesh out our watermelon-y Muscat with the body/acid of Seyval Blanc and the tannins of our red and blue plums.

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