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Boat Builders

Town Brewery

Boat Builders

Producer: Town Brewery

Style: IPA

Region: Whitby, Ontario

Size: 473mL

ABV: 6%

"WHYY'D I WAIT SO put these hops together?".  I think that's how the song goes.  Either way, our newest IPA is here! Boat builders is supremely juicy, hazy, fluffy, and brimming with the ever so enticing aromas and flavours of passion fruit, grapefruit, tangerine, fresh berries and mango.  Strata and Mosaic hops are like supportive best friends that bring out the best in each other, and the addition of Cryo Pop is the secret sauce that ties the whole experience together.  It's aromatic, juicy, flavourful and smooth.  Cheers!

Please note, all orders come with chips!