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2020 Blancette

Monte Rio Cellars

2020 Blancette

Label: Monte Rio Cellars

Vintage: 2020

Fruit: Piquette from Chenin Blanc, Colombard, Chardonnay

Region: California, United States

ABV: 7%

daytime lovin' / air conditioning at midnight / a hop skip and a jump into summer

This time from California’s Monte Rio Cellars, a project of sommelier Patrick Cappiello and seasoned winemaker Pax Mahle. Exactly what this scorching hot summer needs, something sippable without getting to tispy and sleepy. An invigorating treat for the oppressive heat.

While commercial production and marketing of piquette has only been revived recently, the beverage has been made since ancient times and would have been a more common drink than wine for the poor peasantry and enslaved labor of centuries ago. It’s made by re-hydrating and fermenting the pomace (skins, stems and skins) left over from winemaking. A way to make the most of a limited resource, a common predicament peasants worldwide have managed to ingeniously navigate regularly. And like many of the best foods, it was an invention of scarcity.

Ultimately, piquette is a light, fizzy and low alcohol refreshment. While it doesn’t need to be taken overly seriously, it does reflect its vinous origin and the talent of the winemaker. Monte Rio is among the most skillful and careful producers of this rustic drink and our only wish is that it was more readily available.

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